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Moving away from home to study can be a lot of fun, living in your own place and doing your own thing, but it can also be hard leaving family and friends. Like me, I chose to study at Saint Louis University Laboratory High School - Senior High Department located in Baguio city which is 1 hour and 30 minutes drive from my hometown, Agoo, La union. I'm studying at SLU for my senior high years which is 2 years. With in these years, I experienced so many things that made me better person. Of course there is always a wild side to an innocent person which I will be sharing on this blog. 

Let me share the ten things that I liked the most being/while in Baguio.

First thing is that there is no one who knows all the embarrassing moment that I did in my past so basically I can reinvent or change myself into an amazing, well rounded and interesting person. 

Second is I can apply all the things that my parents taught me. Like cooking my own meal, washing my clothes, and cleaning my room. Yes, I can cook a meal for myself but not always because sometimes I'm lazy to do it that's why after school I'm heading to town, to eat for dinner or sometimes I do a food delivery. I also wash my clothes and uniforms if I'm not lazy because most of the time I'm used to collect my clothes and send them for a laundry but except for my underwear of course. 

Third is having an extra allowance. My mother gave me an extra allowance for in case of emergency. Because of this, I'm able to have my own savings that I can use to spend for the things that I want but of course I'm using it for the things that I really need. 

Fourth, I can ask for another extra allowance for a reason of spending some of my money on school matters.

Fifth, I can come home drunk, vomit in the middle of the night and no one will shout at me. The only person who can know it are my roommates. I will create a content about this.

Sixth, I can appreciate our home more. I always miss our home like lying in a bed while watching and eating. I can do that rarely in Baguio because of my school works, meet-ups every weekends and such. For me our home is like a massage chair that really makes me feel so comfortable and it relieves me from stress.

Seventh,  I got to explore the Baguio city. Whenever my family will come and visit me, they asking me where to eat and where to go so me [thinking of an expensive place that I knew but I haven't tried yet] Hahaha. Have you tried to go into a place that it is too expensive for you as a student but it is affordable if you are with your parents because they are the one who will pay for it? Yes for me.

Eight,  I met different kinds of people. I will describe one kind of a person that I met. Do you have a friend that looks like an innocent teenager and one night you will see him/her chilling out in a bar and enjoying a party in a club? Because I do have a friend/s like that. I didn't expect that those friends of mine are drunk and party people. But yeah, I love them the way they are. 
Ninth, My parents will not know the stupid things I do, how long I'm staying out and who I'm spending time with. Yes, I have my freedom here in Baguio. "Pero minsan mayroon pa din nakakakita sakin na kakilala ng mama ko kaya napapagsasabihan din ako, hahaha".

Tenth, I feel like I'm living with my own without a support. Because it's like I'm receiving my salary [allowance] every week and going in a bank to withdraw it to pay for a rent, to do my own food shopping, manage my salary and have a savings, paying my postpaid plan with my own money, buying my clothes without asking for my mother's money and going somewhere with my own savings.

Living independently as a student is not a joke. There are so many things that I encountered through those years like having a memorable, embarrassing and unforgettable moments. What I can advice for the students like me who's living far from their families or those students who is planning to study far from their relatives is that you should start training yourself to live independently, learn how to cook the basic foods, learn on how to wash your clothes and always listen to your parent's advice. But if you are rich, you can bring your own maid to do those things for you and live like a prince or princess.

Thank you for reading it. 

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