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CAFE PASTE AGOO Facebook page posted last June 9, 2017, about their soft opening happened today, July 7, 2017. So my friends and I went there to try their menu. So this is my short review about the coffee shop.

CAFE PASTE is a type of a coffee shop where family and friends can hang out. Cafe Paste has two branches. Their first branch is located in Bonifacio corner Arellano Street, Camiling Tarlac and the second branch is located at Doña Toribia Aspiras Road, Consolacion, Agoo, La union. The two branch is owned by Mr. Patrick.


My friends and I went in different coffee shops already. So we've decided to try the newly opened coffee shop in our town, Cafe Paste Agoo.

I will start with my friend, Dennis. He ordered Salted Caramel Milkshake worth P110.  The milkshake is topped with marshmallow, wafer, pretzels, salted caramel popcorn and ice cream. I asked him about his drink, "Matamis. Ayos lang iyong milkshake.", he said.

For my friend, Sharence. She ordered Mixed Berries Smoothie worth P85. of course the smoothie contains different kind of berries [laughing]. I asked my friend about her drink, "Hahahaha. Sakto lang kaso nakakasawa. Nakakasawa siguro kasi clichè na yung ganun drink.", she said.

I think this is their best selling milkshake. My other friend, Johanna ordered Java Chip Milkshake worth P110. The mug is covered with crushed java chips while the milkshake is topped with a chocolate donut, wafers, java chips, ice cream and stick-o. She said that it was delicious and she loves it.

For me, I ordered Strawberry Milkshake worth P110 also. My milkshake is topped with marshmallows, stick-o, dewberry, strawberry pocky, ice cream, pretzels and little berries candy. For me, the drink is not new to me but what I can say is that the milkshake is delicious and satisfying.

Lastly, we've our Beefy Nachos worth P95. The food is good but the beef and cheese are not enough.

Cafe Paste is offering a Starter food, Burger & Sandwiches, Bulb Coolers, Pasta, Frappe, Coffee based Frappe, Hot & Ice drink, Milkshake, and Smoothie.

Overall, the place is good for a small group of friends, the food is 7 out of 10, the drinks are 8 out of 10, the interior is 4 out of 10 and the serving is 5 out of 10. The Wi-Fi is not working. By the way, It's just a soft opening so guys expect some changes in their coffee shop. You must try this!

Thank you for reading this and God Bless.

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