Wednesday, June 21, 2017


Someone e-mailed me to share the things inside my bag. So here it is, 'What is in my bag [Men's Edition]'. Why do I always have a bag? Well, I'm using it to bring things I need with me at all times and to add something to my outfits. Okay, I will show now my what's in my bag.

First, I'm using my favorite bag from Salvatore Mann made from synthetic leather. The bag is worth P799.90.  It is cheap but it has a high quality. Second, my Starbucks 2017 Planner where I wrote my plan in every day. By the way, I got my planner by collecting stickers.

Third, my keys for my boarding house in Baguio. Fourth, I bring my power bank and USB cord in case my phone's battery got drained. Fifth, my earphones. I used this to play a song, answer a call and to watch some videos.

Okay, these are my essentials. Petroleum jelly, I put this on my lips to avoid dryness and make my lips a little bit pinkish. Next to it is my Fix clay doh for my hair. I use this to fix my hair together with my hair brush. For my perfume, I'm using the Bea Alonzo from Bench. Yes I know that it is for girls but I don't care, I love its sweet and lovely smell. The last thing from my essentials is my medicines for my allergy and hyperacidity.

My favorite watch. I love this watch because it looks like an expensive watch but you know, the watch is worth P299.00 only. I bought it from Lazada. I have this watch in my bag because sometimes I forgot to wear it cuz I'm in a hurry.

The last thing for my what's in my bag is my wallet. Of course, without my wallet, I can't go anywhere. That's all, thank you for reading this nonsense blog post. 

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