Saturday, June 10, 2017


How to get a free drink from Starbucks?

First of all, Do you have any Starbucks card? If you don't have it you can buy one. This tip is not only for the FREE DRINK but also for the FREE STARBUCKS CARD and SLICE OF CAKE.

Starbucks 2


If you will buy a beverage/beverages that are worth Php 300.00 or more, do not pay it in cash. Instead, buy a Starbucks card first and load it with a minimum of Php 300.00 or more than the price of your order. After buying a card, pay your order using your new card with a load. Through this tip, you can collect more than one Starbucks card. Do this every time you will go to Starbucks.


Now, you have your own Starbucks card. To have a free drink, you need to register your Starbucks card here: Create a Starbucks Account. After registering your card, you can go to any branch of Starbucks in the Philippines. At the counter, present your registered Starbucks card then tell the barista that you will claim your Complimentary Drink. You can choose your desired GRANDE HANDCRAFTED BEVERAGE. You can upgrade it to a venti size by paying the additional cost.  You may redeem this drink within sixty (60) days after the date of your registration. Enjoy your free drink!


To have a free slice of cake, you need to present your registered Starbucks card at the counter of any Starbucks branch in the Philippines. Buy any Grande Handcrafted Beverage and tell the barista to claim your free slice of cake. By the way, you can claim this on the day of your registered birthday in your Starbucks card. You may redeem the free slice of cake within sixty (60) days after your birthday. Enjoy your drink with your free slice of cake!
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