Thursday, June 15, 2017


I heard this place through my friend a few months ago. Shaira and I were looking for a place where we can eat and do our school works. My friend mentioned the "Cookout" so we have decided to go there but unfortunately, there was no taxi so we went to another place.

My friend and I went there to eat for our lunch. Cookout by Size Matters is located at EGI Albergo Hotel. The restaurant is near Wright Park, The Mansion, Kamiseta Hotel and Vanilla Cafe.
Location: EGI Albergo Hotel, #1 Villamor Street, Brgy. Lualhati, Baguio City.
Mobile: +63 998 971 2151 | 074 424 3220
Facebook Page: Cookout Baguio
Instagram: @Cookout_Baguio

We were greeted by the staff with their smiles as we entered the restaurant. Cookout is a type of a restaurant with a menu of Sausages, Combinations, Specials, Gourmet Burgers, Salads, Kinds of Pasta, Sides, Add-ons, Sauces, and Drinks.


 Chili Cheese Fries | Sharing (Php 219) Single (Php 129) Potato Fries with Cheese, Mayo, Chili and Pickled Jalapeno on top.
While waiting for our main order, the fries was served first. It was crispy, the cream and light mayo with cheese and chili made the fries had savory flavor.


Carbonara (P209) Pasta with White and Creamy Sauce with Beacon and Mushroom. Served with Toasted Garlic Bread.
It was delicious and it is different from the other carbonara that I have tasted before. Two thumbs up for this Carbonara.

Southwestern BBQ Rubbed Chicken Fillet | 2pcs. (P189), 3pcs. (P249), 4pcs. (P309) Try this flavorful and juicy Chicken Fillet if you're not in the mood to eat sausages, burgers, and pasta

For our drinks, we ordered Chocolate Milkshake (P90).

Overall, the place is perfect. Their dishes are delicious and their interior is Instagramable. What I want to suggest is that they should install free WiFi connection.

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